Indian Premier League 2018 Predictions by Pandit Rajiv Rao Sharma

Pandit Rajiv Rao Sharma The Best Astrologer in Bangalore shares thoughts on IPL T20 2018

IPL 2018 Poster

IPL T20 2018 Season 11 which is going to be start on 7 April 2018 (7+4+2+0+1+8=22,2+2=4) is just going to be most thrilling and entertaining than any other T20 League mean while their will be political influence on couple of matches as in few states election is going to commence, Controversial & Expected clash between BCCI and IPL team managements which may lead to abounded one or two matches which never happened in history of any T20 Cricket League ,7th April that is Saturday though number 7 is lucky for IPL as always lot of gain expected which could be double profit than last season
some stands by BBI will be opposed by IPL Team managements .

7 April 2018 (7+4+2+0+1+8=22,2+2=4) so number 4 and month April is known for Wealthy, Glorious .

Team Predictions

Mumbai Indians – Mumbai Indians are always full fledge team and Team consist most Experienced T020 Players, Young guns, All Rounder’s & Best finishers though the all team member’s put 100% efforts this time , Mumbai Indians team is only team which retained core team with minimum changes and likely first team to enter quarter finals , local Mumbai players main trump cards in their victory .

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) – RCB the most entertaining team in IPL T20 but still failed to lift trophy in last 10 seasons RCB had reached finals for 3 times ended up with runner , every time team batting line looks destructive but failed to keep efficient fast bowlers ,even this season RCB bowling is lacks in pace but very confident on batting line it consist ,Captain Virat Kohli ( King Kohli) for sure likely lift IPL trophy 2018 .

Chennai Super Kings – Team which is known as Crowd Favorite as Dhoni leads the team with his favorite boys like Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Bravo ,team is very much balanced and team has all ability to chase any total and defend opponent team.

Kolkata Knight Riders – KKR had lot of changes in this season including removing former KKR captain Gautam Ghambir form the team who lead the team for 2 glorious victories . lot of new faces for KKR and this time KKR impact would be not as much as it had in last seasons but promising players like Dinesh Karthick and Robin Uttappa will not disappoint Team Owner King Khan .

Delhi Daredevils – Lot of surprises expected From Dashing Delhi boys this time we can,t under estimate Delhi Daredevils as team has talented young boys with ferocious Captain Gautam Ghambir who is known for 100% efforts & best performance will lead team for Quarter finals easily .

Kings XI Punjab – This season is going to be most lucky season for Kings XI Punjab ,team has all talents to give tough competition for opponents and team likely in top 4 from the starting of the season .

Rajasthan Royals – Rajasthan Royals which is known for best bowling side in all IPL seasons and carries young and experienced bowlers in 2018 season also and hard luck for team most explosive and match winner steve smith was banned from cricket Australia and ICC which is big blow for Team.

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